Bouquet Starter System


Phase 1: Design Look


Phase Intro

Tool: Compass

Look: Rustic

Look: Whimsical

Look: Bohemian

Look: Exotic

Look: Garden

Look: Old World

Learn about the six design looks and how to find the one that best reflects your style

What is a design look?

Your design look is an overall look and feel to your bouquet. Your design look will evoke in your guests the feelings you want them to experience on your wedding day, which is ultimately what style is all about. Each design look is created by a set of specific design choices made in the flower arrangement, which is what we will help you build here.

Once you get clear on your design look (both main look and any secondary influence), you'll pick between specific design choices that will build a style that is uniquely yours, while remaining in your chosen design look.

Planning your overall wedding flower scheme

Your bouquet is part of the overall floral experience you're creating. That is how you should think of it: as one piece in the context of your overall wedding event and floral scheme.

To create your overall wedding experience, you should think about the design look of flowers throughout your wedding, in addition to the bouquet itself. These are optional, but they will give you and your florist an overall idea of your plan and can help you pick your bouquet desig look.

Using multiple design looks

There are two main ways that you can include multiple design looks in your wedding.

First, your bouquet itself can have a main design look with influences from a secondary design look. This allows you to pull in ideas from two favorite design looks and balance the cost of a look.

Under each design look, we list some of hte top combinations for that look under Secondary Design Looks to Consider. Here, we include good secondary looks to pair with your dominant look. We describe some of the top ways you can include that look as a secondary design look under How to Use as a Secondary Design Look.

Second, you can use different design looks in different places on your wedding day.

Here are some example outlines from some famous weddings that show how these brides incorporated multiple design looks in their weddings.

Princess Victoria of Sweden

Overall wedding theme: Old World

Ceremony interior: Whimsical

Reception flowers: Rustic

Bridal bouquet: Bohemian

Poppy Delevigne

Overall wedding theme: Garden

Ceremony interior: Whimsical

Ceremony exterior: Garden

Bridesmaid and flower girls: Garden

Bride's bouquet: Garden

Reception (London) flowers: Garden-Whimsical

Reception (Morocco flowers: Rustic

How to choose

There are two ways that you can select your design look or looks, and the effect is quite different.

The first way is for your bouquet to match your overall wedding theme. Here, you simply want to decide where your event is on the design compass, and you then want to dig into finding the design choices that best bring your vision to life. This approach will make each arrangement feel like a layer of a story that's building on itself. Each element enhances the choices already made (like venue). You can still include other design looks in your flowers elsewhere.

The second way is to pick a design look that is different from your overall wedding design look. This is a great way to express an element of your personal style you feel your venue or event otherwise doesn't quite capture. This strategy will create a sense of surprise and unexpectedness around your bouquet. The farther apart your event style and your bouquet on the design look compass, the more a feeling of contrast you will create.

For more tips on choosing our design look, check out the design look video for our four-step strategy to deciding on your bouquet design look.